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Unleash the Power of Your Data

Extract valuable insights with ChatGPT-based Q&A on PDF, docx, txt, and web pages

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Read your entire doc store or website

Reeder answers your questions in seconds

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Customer support

Let users get answers by asking directly. Cut out the long support articles and confusing help pages.
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Corporate Knowledge Bases

Quickly find specific data and insights from company reports, whitepapers, and publications.
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Business Processes

Pull information from documents automatically and route decisions intelligently based on it.
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Human Resources (HR)

Allow employees to get answers fast instead of looking through long manuals and policies.
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Business Analysts

Save time analyzing long reports quickly to understand market trends, customer feedback, and financial metrics.
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Research Professionals & Students

Understand and extract information from research papers, articles, and textbooks more efficiently.
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How It Works

Stop spending hours combing through documents

Step 01
Upload the files you need analyzed.
Step 02
Ask questions, and the AI answers based on your documents.
Step 03
Your data is not used to train AI models or shared with anyone.
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Read your entire website in minutes. Let users get answers by asking. Cut out the long support articles and confusing help pages.
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